3 Minute Serving Drill

Coach Stuart
April 7, 2018


  1. The athlete has 3 minutes to score 25 points.
  2. Scoring is self-policed.
  3. Girls serve at the same time.
  4. Each athlete has a ball they must keep throughout the drill. After they serve, they must run and get their ball.
  5. See results after the 3 minutes is up.


  1. Within the 10ft line- 3 points.
  2. Within 3 feet of the service and sidelines- 3 points.
  3. Within the 10ft line and within 3ft of the sideline- 6 points.
  4. Within 3 feet of the service and sidelines (corners)- 6 points.
  5. Hits the top tape and rolls over- 6 point.
  6. In the court anywhere besides the above. 1 point.


If the whole team does not reach 25 points, the whole team must do the drill again.

This drill is great to get the team running and be aware that each serve deserves attention and focus. For new servers, it’s a great drill for touches and challenging themselves. For good players, they’ll take more risks for the sidelines and short. For great players, the challenge of corners or top tape will be enticing.

For better serving teams, decrease the amount of time and points per spot.


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