How to Run A 6-2 in Volleyball (with Videos)

Coach Stuart
February 22, 2020

A 6-2 is a more advanced volleyball system that allows for several hitting options including an Outside, Middle, Right Side, and Back Row attacks.

What is a 6-2?

The “2” means that there are 2 Setters. The “6” means that 6 players on the court may be available as Hitters.

The main Setter starts in the back row to allow for 3 front row attackers. The other Setter usually plays opposite of the main Setter as a Right Side (sometimes referred to as an Opposite Hitter).

A 6-2 makes a lot of sense when you have Setters who can also block and hit considering they will most likely be blocking against an Outside hitter.

One of the downsides to running a 6-2 is it is almost impossible for a Setter dump without the Setter getting called for a Back Row Attack consider the Setter cannot attack the ball above the height of the net.

Running a 6-2

Since the Setter is coming from the back row, most of the time you will want to “hide” them on Serve Receive. You can do this by pulling a front row player back to receive and have the Setter “hide” behind them or you can push the Setter up to the front row and have another front row player pull back to receive.

Video of a simple Serve Receive that can be run with a 6-2.

The video below was made for a specific team. Each team is a little different so design your Rotations however you want. The videos below can be used as a reference on how to design your 6-2 Offense.


Video of  6-2 Rotations while Serving



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