Arie Drill (w/ Video)

Coach Stuart
April 12, 2019

The Arie Drill is a great way to focus on passing control and communication.

Groups of 4. Two players on each side of the net.

Start with the ball on only one side of the net.

The player closest to the net will toss the ball to the person standing at the 10ft line.

The first progression goes Pass > Pass > Pass over the net to the group waiting on the other side.

Once Side A passes the ball over the net, the two players switch places. The person at the net will then be standing at the 10ft line and the player who was standing at the 10ft line will then be standing at the net. Players stay on their side of the net.

Set a goal for each group: 10/15/20 in a row.

Players rotate every time the ball crosses the net

– Pass > Pass > Pass
– Pass > Set > Pass
– Pass > Set > Set
– Pass > Set > Roll Shot
– Pass > Set > Tip
– Pass > Set > Jump & Swing

Emphasize that it’s a cooperative drill between the group that is on the other side of the net.

Have each player say “Mine” and the name of the player they are passing the ball to.


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