Ask Me Anything: About Volleyball

Coach Stuart
September 1, 2019

Each week, I have players and coaches who submit questions. Some of them are a big enough topic where they get their own individual video, but I also get a lot of questions that have shorter responses. This list is the Top 10 Questions In received this month about volleyball.

Are you allowed to kick a volleyball?

Yes. You can actually use any part of your body during play, so if you want to you can kick it, go for it. There is actually a sport that revolves around kicking a volleyball – sepak takraw. You should check it out. It’s pretty awesome.

Are you allowed to serve Underhand in professional volleyball?

Yes. Although, there are much better strategies. The men’s game has gotten really good at the topspin serve so although it might not be effective — well it might be effective if they aren’t expecting it.

Is 4’10 too short to play volleyball?

Nah. I wouldn’t say it is. You can’t be too short or too tall. However, it could make certain aspects of the game a little difficult to perform such as blocking at the net or swinging over the net, but you do not need to be a certain height.

What is the best position to play in volleyball?

Probably Setter. Just kidding. Maybe. It depends. Setter is a lot of fun and I feel like they don’t get enough credit. Everyone gets credit for their kills but setters aren’t getting credit for their beautiful sets. SI like playing Setter and DS, but I can have fun in any position.

How does volleyball help in growing tall?

I don’t think that is a thing. I think genetics has more to do with growing tall. Volleyball may help in jumping higher because there is a lot of jumping and you are working your leg muscles, but I don’t think you are going to get taller just by playing volleyball.

How tall is a regulation volleyball net?

There are a few variations as far as the height of a volleyball net goes. In the Men’s league, the net is 7’11 5/8. In the Women’s game, the net is 7’4 1/8. In 12U volleyball, the net is usually 7′ tall.

Should I get quit volleyball?

No. Why would you quit volleyball? Volleyball is awesome. But if you are not passionate about it or if you are not having fun, then I guess it is okay to quit.

Can fat people play volleyball?

I actually see this question a lot. Yes. It does not matter your shape or size. You can even be a DS. If you love playing the game, play the game.

Where do you put your weakest player?

The bench. Kidding. Kinda. As a coach, that is something that I have to work through. A lot of times in practice, I will pair them up with a better passer when we are doing our warmup passing so that might help. As a coach, I keep challenging them and giving goals to reach, give them progressive steps. But the weakest player needs to play too so I don’t usually have a specific position where I put them.

Why do you love volleyball?

Volleyball is a awesome sport. It is face-paced. It is a good work out and I think it is a lot of fun.


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