Butterfly / Half Butterfly Drill

Coach Stuart
May 7, 2019

The Butterfly Drill is a classic volleyball drill that teaches ball control, serving, serve receive, and reading the ball. I recommend introducing this drill toward the beginning of the season so that by the end of the season you can get a little more advanced.


On each side of the net, you will have Servers in Right Back, Passers in Left Back, and a Target in Middle Front.

Once the Servers serves the ball to the passer, the server gets in line to pass.

After the Passer passes the ball, the passer becomes the Target.

After the Target catches the ball, the Target becomes the server.

Players simply need to know to follow their ball.


Armswing control, ball control, and reading the serve.

This drill also helps players focus on serving the ball to a specific spot on the court.


If serving from the baseline is too difficult, have your players serve from about 20ft or 15ft. You can simplify this even more by having your players throw the ball overhand from 15ft.

Half Butterfly

The Half Butterfly Drill is similar to the full butterfly drill except that the court is divided in half and the players stay on their side. This set up generally gets players more touches.

I like to have servers serve from about 20ft or 15ft, but you can have their serve from the baseline if you would like.


I like to spend a couple of minutes having my passers start at the 10ft line and drop back to pass, then I will have my passers start at about 20ft and pass a short ball. This really helps drive the focus of reading the serve.


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