Dot Drill

Coach Stuart
April 7, 2018

This volleyball drill is a high-energy drill used to work on passing, footwork, speed and agility. There are 3 parts to this drill. Feel free to use all of them or to just focus on one aspect of the drill.

It is recommended that the ball comes from the opposite side of the net to help simulate a live game ball.

# of Players: 1+



* Passing accuracy
* Proper footwork — shuffle, drop-step, run-through
* Tracking the ball
* Speed and agility

Players start in center of court. Coach tosses ball over net along the sideline and player shuffles and passes to target

Players start in center of court. Coach tosses to deep corner. Players turn and run (or drop step), square up, and pass to target.

Players start in center of court. Coach tosses short ball just over the net. Players run and pass ball up to target.


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