Help! I’m Bad at Volleyball!

Coach Stuart
August 25, 2019

Each week, on my Youtube channel, I answer questions from volleyball players and coaches. Here is one of the questions that was asked.

I just joined the high school volleyball club, but I feel like I am not very good. How can I overcome my insecurities?

It is easy to feel inadequate when we compare ourselves to other people. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never be as good as them”, allow yourself to think, “One day, I will be better than them”.

When I first started learning volleyball, I didn’t really have a clue about how any of it worked so I watched so many Youtube videos! I watched hours and hours of Youtube videos from all kinds of different coaches on every topic I could think of.

Although watching videos won’t necessarily make you a better player, it can help you better understand the game and some of it can even translate to you being a better volleyball player once you get on the court.

Some players may think that their shape or size may affect how good they can be at a sport. That is simply not true! I have coached and played with athletes of all kind of shapes and sizes and it didn’t affect their game.

To become a better volleyball player, you need to work hard. You need to go into every practice ready to learn and expect that you will get better by being there and giving 100%. Ask your coach what you should work on and then do it.

Be intentional with everything you are doing — passing, hitting, serving. Don’t just swing at the ball and hope it goes in… know where you want to go with the ball when you attack it. Same thing with serving and passing.

Focus on the little things and find success with the little things and eventually, you can have success with the big things.



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