How to Get Your Volleyball Players to Communicate

Coach Stuart
August 3, 2021
First, it is important that every player understands their role for everything (serving, serve receive, defense, offense). Once they understand their role, they will have a better idea of what they need to be communicating.
Second, they need to know what they are supposed to be saying. Even players who have played for a long time still don’t always know what they should be communicating.
For example, when we are on defense, I want my players to call if the other team’s pass is on the net or off the net (and I explain why this is important). Then we call the location of the set. It seems a little basic but some defensive players read quicker than others and that can help their teammates get into position quicker.
The more that you communicate what you want communicated and why it needs to be communicated, the easier it will be for your players to be good communicators.


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