Middles vs. Pins

Coach Stuart
February 17, 2020

In this drill, we are working on having the Middle Blockers explode to the pins.

FOCUS: We are focusing on proper footwork, proper arms, and reading the setters/hitters.

Have two lines of pin hitters (outsides and right sides) and a Setter on one side, and then a Middle (and optional Passers) on the other side of the net.

There are a few ways you can run this drill…

  1. You can coach toss over the net to a DS who then passes the ball to the Setter.
  2. You can coach toss directly to the Setter and have passers on the other side of the net try to dig the attacks.
  3. I like to have my pin hitters switch sides after they hit.
  4. You could also have your hitters become passers after they hit if you want to turn this into a multi-skill drill.

Optional scoring:

There are many variations on how you can score this drill…

  • Middle gets +2 points for any successful Block
  • Middle gets +1 point for a touch
  • If you are using passers, a Kill from the Hitters is +1 for the Hitters
  • Any successful Dig from the passers is a wash (or -1 for Hitters)
  • If the attack goes out untouched it is a wash
  • Play to 7


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