Secret Squirrel

Coach Stuart
February 17, 2020

Secret Squirrel is a fun game that can be used to add a new level of competition to your practices. In fact, my team begs me to play this game over and over. I’ve had to add new cards to the game to keep them on their toes.

# of Players: 8-12 players divided into 2 teams

Supplies: At least 10 note cards

Using note cards, write down one task on each card. These can be anything you feel like your team needs to work on:

  1. Middle Kill
  2. Outside Kill
  3. Right Side Kill
  4. Setter Dump Kill
  5. Perfect Pass
  6. Ace
  7. Dig a Tip
  8. Everyone Covers
  9. Point from Block
  10. Dig

Have each team pick 3 note cards. Neither team should know which cards the other team has (hence the Secret).

The team who completes all 3 cards first WINS.


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