Half Court Serve Receive

Coach Stuart
February 22, 2022

This is a Serve / Serve Receive drill that allows more people to get more touches.

Split the court in half — one group serving one direction and the other group serving another direction (we do this so serves from one side don’t interfere with serves from another side)

Two passes plus a target on each side (you can use your setters to get some reps receiving serves). Remaining people are serving.

I generally have my team rotate positions after they reach a certain number (rotate after 5 good passes). The Passer on the outside of the court becomes a server and one of the Servers becomes the inside passer.

You can score this and run this to help focus on what your team needs to focus on. I use this drill often to reinforce seam management

– X Before Y – 3 Perfect Passes Before 10 Serves
– 5 Good Passes
– Score drops back down to Zero for any Aces
– Servers vs. Passers — Servers get a point for an Ace, Passers get a point for a Good Pass


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