Rotating Columbus

Coach Stuart
April 7, 2018

This volleyball game is great for beginners to learn the positions of the game. It can also be used at the beginning of the season for more intermediate teams to see how each of the players perform in various positions. It can be played 5v5, 6v5, or 6v6.

# of Players: 10+


Getting familiar with the game and each of the positions.


How to play the game:

The side that wins the rally rotates. Each player plays the position that they are in with the setter being in Zone 2.

If you have a server that is dominating a rotation, you may want to limit the number of serves to 3 per server.



If you would like to have the game move quicker, instead of players serving, send a free ball as soon as the rally ends.

Have both sides rotate after every rally.



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