What Is Motivation?

Coach Stuart
December 28, 2023

What drives you to dive for every ball, jump for every spike, and push through every practice? In this blog, we’ll explore the different facets of motivation: internal, external, and the often-overlooked concept of amotivation. We’ll also delve into the natural fluctuations in motivation and how to balance these forces to maintain your passion and drive in volleyball.

Internal Motivation

This is about playing volleyball for the joy and satisfaction it brings. It’s about loving the game, enjoying training, mastering techniques, and relishing the competition. Internal motivation is key for long-term success and enjoyment in sports. The top athletes often have high levels of intrinsic motivation, competing with themselves more than with others.

External Motivation

This involves outside rewards like praise, scholarships, or trophies. While these can be motivating, they don’t sustain motivation in the long run. If your sole reason for playing is an external reward, you might struggle to maintain your drive.


There might be times when you feel a lack of motivation to play. This is normal and can be associated with burnout or exhaustion. It’s important to recognize this and find what truly motivates you, whether it’s in volleyball or another aspect of your life.

Peaks and Valleys in Motivation

Understand that nobody, not even the top athletes, sustains the highest levels of motivation all the time. There will be ups and downs. The key is to follow the path in your heart and supplement external motivation with a strong internal drive.

Balancing Internal and External Motivation

Both types of motivation are important. External rewards can give you a short-term boost, but it’s the internal motivation that will keep you going through tough training sessions and challenging matches. Love the process, enjoy the competition, and cherish the personal growth that comes with being an athlete.

Understanding and balancing your motivations in volleyball is a journey unique to each player. Remember, the most enduring motivation comes from within – from your love for the game and the personal satisfaction it brings. External rewards are the cherries on top, but the cake is your passion and dedication. Keep this balance in mind as you train, compete, and grow both as a player and an individual.


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